A Vision Statement

(Affirmed at the Jan. 28, 2007 Annual Meeting)

“Living in God’s Amazing Grace, we envision Faith Lutheran Church as a diverse beacon of hope, healing, and reconciliation in a broken world.”

Recognizing the need for followers to share their faith in the risen Christ, Faith Lutheran aspires to be a public church, empowering parishioners to become God’s servants in Christ’s commission to share the Gospel message of good news to the poor, healing to the sick and broken, and justice to the oppressed.

We aspire to do this by being a transformational church to meet the changing needs of Sacramental Worship, Congregational Nurture, and Ministries of Peace, Mercy, and Justice as called by the Holy Spirit.

Statement of Mission

(Adopted at a special Congregational meeting, June 26, 2002)

As disciples in Christ, we are called....

“To Incarnate the gracious, healing, and reconciling presence of God through:  Sacramental Worship, Congregational Nurture, and Ministries of Peace, Mercy, and Justice for all Creation.”

We Accomplish This Through:

1.  Sacramental Worship that:

a.  Honors and embraces the mysterious presence of the Sacred within the gathered community.

b.  Illuminates the liturgical year as it reflects the life of Faith’s community.

c.  Is consistent with our Lutheran traditions and theology of Word and Sacrament.

d.  Incorporates a variety of music expressing the theology, diversity and concerns of the congregation.

e.  Works toward inclusive language in worship.

2.  Congregational Nurture that:

a.  Provides a safe and healing environment in which people of any race, sexual orientation, gender identity, social or economic status can be nourished in their journey of faith.

b.  Offers Christian Education and spiritual growth opportunities for youth and adults.

c.  Provides small group opportunities for fellowship, prayer, Biblical study and support for ministry.

d.  Strives to be a gift-evoking community that challenges one another to discern and use our gifts as needed in a local and global context.

3.  Ministries of Peace, Mercy, and Justice that:

a.  Encourage and empower us to  live nonviolently as faithful stewards in an increasingly conflicted and materialistic world.

b.  Promote a commitment to sustaining and protecting our environment.

c.  Encourage members to express their passion and gifts in personal, congregational, and community ministries.

d.  Extend and expand our financial commitment to benevolence agendas reflecting our social justice ministries and global concerns.