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"The Disguise of the Divine...."

"Of Temples and Boxes.......!"

Texts: 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16,  Luke 1:26-38,  Psalm:  Luke 1:46b-55

Introduction: I had a visual of a church and a box, and I asked the question: "Where does God live?  Where does God abide and reside?  Does God have an address?  Some of our younger children think that God lives at 224 W. Benton.  Where does God live?  Where does your God live?  The texts ask us to consider these questions.

"Interim Incarnation......"  Did you know that was happening as we speak?

Pentecost 18A, 10/23/2011

Focus:  “Love Your Neighbor?”

Texts:  Leviticus 19:1,2 & 15-18   and  Matthew 22:34-40

Introduction with Visual: Ran across this editorial cartoon in the World last week.  It shows  four “Occupy Wall Street” folks with posters:

One says:  “Worked for 32 years and laid off, lost pension, I’m one of the 99%”

Another says:  “Bank lost my paperwork, I lost my house, I’m one of the 99%;”

The 3rd, a fat politician dressed in a fancy suit says:  “I get 99% of my campaign funds from the 1%.”

The 4th, standing next to the politician, carries a sign pointing to the politician stating:  “That’s why the 99% will never get justice!”

Might this cartoon’s message have something to do with the texts for today??

During Pr. Alex's absence from preaching in the summer, there are a group of 10 parishioners who, working together with Rev. John Schramm, prepare messages for the appropriate Sundays.  Amy Carlson preached an excellent sermon on the "Parable of the Sower" focusing on the "soils."  It's great!  Well worth a read!