"Keep my light burning!"

Posted by: Alex on Apr 19, 2011


"You O Lord keep my lamp burning;

my God turns my darkness into light."

Psalm 18:28

You O Lord keep my lamp burning;

good Easter news

when wicks are short

and oil runs low


good Easter news

when winds howl

and sleet extinguishes.

You O Lord keep my lamp burning;

a gift of Life

a gift of Hope

when I can't

or won't.


And you turn my darkness into light...

Before the solstice

in the death of winter

when it's too dark

for too long.


When the stone they rolled

is too heavy to move

or the switch I use

can't be found.


You bring a light

that penetrates

darkest grief

deepest fear

that ignites the spark

that lights the wick

I couldn't find

or reach

if I did.


It is He!

The Lamp Tender

The Light Bringer

that rose from the dead.

And therefore

He will!

And therefore

I can.