Consider the Source.....

Posted by: Alex on Feb 23, 2011

I'm amazed at all the preoccupations that destract me and drain my energy.  Much of that has to do with finances and other needed resources.  My default setting is to try to control, manage, or fix the situation.  There's nothing inherently wrong with that.  On a good day, it may well be called stewardship.  Nevertheless, the reality is that much of what I am trying to "fix" is really out of my control.  So, I am learning to employ an alternative to fretting, whining, and worrying. I am working at returning to and embracing my Source.  That means trusting.  I don't do well with that.  So here's a poem that I wrote and frequently reread:

Consider the Source…..

when we become anxious and fearful,

when we despair and grieve;

when we resist reconciliation,

when we are reluctant to let go,

when we are hesitant to give;

when we lose our balance and stray…….


Consider the Source to be Gracious, Healing, and Faithful.

Ever present to empower change:

To restore wellness

To regain perspective

To rekindle passion

and purpose.


Seek, Return,

Connect, Trust…..