"On Being Real"

Posted by: Alex on Apr 24, 2012

On “Being Real”

The worship texts during these 7 weeks of the Easter Season recall stories of Jesus’ interactions with his followers over a period of 40 days.  What strikes me as very intriguing is that even though Jesus had been resurrected and now had a “new” body, he still had the old scars.  I always thought that in the resurrection all of our aches, pains, and owies would be healed.  So why the scars?

Well, the answer for me is found in Luke 24:39: “Look at my hands and my feet; see that it is I myself.”  Another translation says “...see that I am real.”  What part of this don’t you understand, I can hear Jesus saying.  My sermon for 3Easter speaks more of this matter  (go back to home page and click on “Sermons”).  In the midst of all the mystery surrounding this, I come away with a life journey lesson.  Be real.  Be real with Jesus so that he knows who you really are--as if he doesn’t already.  But WE need to be real with him, for OUR sakes.

This is not a scary thought.  An Easter lesson for the previous Sunday (1John 1:8-9) said that “if we say we have no sin (or whatever you might want to call it....), we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.  But, if we confess our (“imperfections”), God who is faithful and just will forgive us all our (“stupidities!”).  Parenthesis mine.  Seems to me that one of the major things that keeps me from being intimate with the Beloved (or anyone for that matter) is my pretending to be someone who I’m not.  Hoping to please the other person, right?  To convince the rest that I am really who I wish I were.  Masquerading & Charading doesn’t work for any kind of relationship.  Especially with the Divine who already knows and compassionately embraces us in our humaness.  Just as I am.  Help me, Spirit of God, to be real with you and with others.  What could be better news?

Pastor Alex