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Posted by Alex on Oct 22, 2016
Pr. Alex has announced his retirement as of Dec. 31st, 2016.  This certainly is a cause for deep and profound sighing.......

Neighborly Attentiveness

Posted by Alex on Sep 19, 2016
Though it's been more than a month since the local Suncrest Fires, and though we may be forgetting just how potentially disasterous they could've been, there are others who will never forget those harrowing days......

"Salam Neighbor"

Posted by Alex on May 31, 2016
How easy it is for us to look the other way and to make judgements from a distance regarding all the complexities and fears about refugees and resettlement--especially if it involves our community........

Leavenworth Resettles

Posted by Alex on Feb 13, 2016
There have been several meetings, nothing is for sure, but the group is organized and is holding its breath!  Read the update as printed in the Echo on Wednesday, Feb. 3rd:

Leavenworth Resettles

Posted by Alex on Jan 25, 2016
In the midst of all the incredible images we have seen of the global refugee crises, there are some who have been impassioned to respond in ways that may possibly be of some tangible help........

Leavenworth Resettles Update!

Posted by Alex on Jan 20, 2016
We've been meeting as a concerned and empassioned group for about a month, and now we've decided!

What a coincidence?

Posted by Alex on Oct 20, 2015

Nearly 500 years ago in October, Martin Luther challenged some critical tenents and traditions of the Catholic Church. What resulted was a catacliysmic split that shaped the course of history forever.  On nearly the exact day a few weeks ago, there was a meeting of a few Catholics and Lutherans in a small upper room at Our Lady of Snows catholic church, here in Leavenworth.  No, they didn't argue theology or church practice, rather they came together sharing mutual concerns........

A Pentecost Prayer

Posted by Alex on May 24, 2015

I've probalby preached on the Pentecost texts for more than two dozen times.  This year was quite different.  I sensed the nudging of that ever summoning Spirit to consider creating anew.  Quite!  So, what follows is a prayer I wrote, regarding this Beloved and Intimate Spirit, that was the sermon for Pentecost Sunday--and some were surprised.  And I would suppose this prayer applies for the rest of the year, don't you think?






Picking up and Letting Go......

Posted by Alex on Feb 23, 2015
When most folks think of Lent, it invariably comes down to "What did you give up?"  As if that's the most important aspect......

The Troubling Lens of Amos.....

Posted by Alex on Oct 23, 2012
We've heard the debates and have watched the T.V. adds.  What's your "yardstick of truth?"

A reed blowing in the wind?

Posted by Alex on Sep 13, 2012
The upcoming election is generating a lot of good, bad, and ugly.  How do we as Children of God respond during these critical weeks of decision making?

"On Being Real"

Posted by Alex on Apr 24, 2012
Those pesky scars of Jesus, why still appearing after such a dramatic resurrection.....??

It's that time of year again!

Posted by Alex on Mar 22, 2012

"Palm/Passion" Sunday is soon upon us!  But why the slash......?

"Keep my light burning!"

Posted by Alex on Apr 19, 2011
Let me share with you a poem that I wrote regarding the business of Darkness and Light and how it just might relate to Easter.  What do YOU think?  May this season of Easter allow you the intimate experience of the One who brings Light that transcends our darkness!

Consider the Source.....

Posted by Alex on Feb 23, 2011

Worry, fret, and whine....

A Random Act.....

Posted by Alex on Nov 19, 2010
I was minding my own business, shopping, when all of a sudden........!

None so blind as those who....

Posted by Alex on Oct 7, 2010
Even glasses don't help if you're not paying attention!


Posted by Alex on Aug 31, 2010

What happened to summer, anyway?