Neighborly Attentiveness

Posted by: Alex on Sep 19, 2016

Neighborly Attentiveness…

Perhaps you knew already that during the Suncrest Fire in late August, there were several families within our congregation that were on Level 3 alert and that their children were “evacuated” while the parents remained at home with hoses and sprinklers ready.   As I watched the fires from the Safeway parking lot late that difficult Saturday evening, August 27th, I realized that if the wind had shifted there would’ve been even more of our members in danger of losing their homes.  Stacey suggested that night that we go to the Red Cross Emergency Shelter at the Middle School to see if there was anything we could do for folks, even those not connected with Faith Lutheran.  Already tired, I was hesitant at the thought of loosing even more sleep.  As it turned out no one had needed this important shelter.  I would call my wife’s decision “neighborly attentiveness.”   As I look beyond our congregation and community, I see this fire as just the very tip of an incredible iceberg of human displacement and suffering.  I also find myself, like the lawyer in Luke 10, seeking to justify myself, who asked Jesus “Just who is my neighbor?”  What followed was the story of the Good Samaritan.  Concluding, Jesus holds up that ever troubling mirror saying “Whoever is in need is your neighbor.”   “But,” I respond in desperation , “what can I do in the face of such overwhelming global impossibilities?”   I think I heard Spirit whisper:  “Be attentive, then I’ll show you…..”    This October at Faith Lutheran, we have just such  opportunities.  Read further in this informative Newsletter to see the ways in which we can not only learn about how to be an emergency “shelter” for FLC but also for this community.  In addition, learn about those who may not live “next door” but are here in our midst, who are also at times distraught and distressed.  And of course, there will also be opportunity to actually learn of ways in which we can act locally and globally.