"Salam Neighbor"

Posted by: Alex on May 31, 2016

“Salam Neighbor!”

How does one even begin to imagine the scope of 60 million refugees on this wounded planet?  The photo that most touched and wounded my heart was that of a small 4 year old Turkish boy washed up on a Mediterranean   shore.  I could only think of our beloved two year old granddaughter.  That photo dramatically  put a “face” on this traumatic global crises for me and stirred many in Europe to demand  compassion and justice—not without considerable and understandable contention, fear, and reluctance.

Seems that putting a “face” on the “problem” awakens Divine sentiment that often changes minds, stimulates awareness, advocacy, and hopefully action.  So, do you dare to risk entering into the “humanness” of this refugee issue?   Or is it more comfortable to engage from a safe distance?  If you are willing, consider coming to see the documentary film “Salam Neighbor,” at Snowy Owl, Monday, June 13th, 7 p.m.  No tickets or admission required.  Just come!  What is it about?  For the first time  ever, U.S. filmmakers were allowed to enter into a refugee camp and live there for a time.  They documented what was seen and experienced.  The entered into relationships.  It changed their minds, transformed their worldview, and deeply and profoundly touched forever their hearts.  Might it ours?

After the 75 minute documentary, there will be a public forum facilitated by Leavenworth ReSettles, including John Forseth, resettlement director for Lutheran Community Services NW (Tacoma).  They will bring us up to date on the resettlement process within our community.  For more info on the film, check out http://livingonone.org/salamneighbor/

For questions, contact Alex Schmidt, leavenworthresettles@nwi.net