A Pentecost Prayer

Posted by: Alex on May 24, 2015

A Pentecost Prayer (Pr. Alex Schmidt, Pentecost Sunday, 5/24/15)

Thank you Beloved Creator God, that from the Beginning, Spirit hovered over your Creation, and that Her Wisdom continues to re-create.

Thank you, Beloved Son, passionate and Justice Seeking Healer, that you sensed Her anointing in your beginning, to break bonds and unlock dungeons.

Thank you Spirit of Unsuspecting Fire and Vivid Proclamation, that bring the Ongoing Creator and Faithful Healer into our very being.

That on this day, we celebrate the birthing of your fragile and broken, rejoicing and faithful Church!

That on this day, we remember the ways in which you shaped and directed your witnesses to proclaim your constant mercy and incredible power.

And for the ways in which these courageously faithful shaped our human experience.


But more than anything, this day, I thank you for your promised presence and healing.

Thank you, thank you, that in your profound indwelling within our deepest being, you sigh with us in our groanings……

That in your intimate knowledge of us, wordless prayers become your embrace.

That in our confusion and confessing, you know and speak our heart to the One who loves and understands…..


Thank you, Spirit of deep stirring waters, trouble our complacency  with a sense of sorrow and repentance….

And as we whisper “yes,” you continue to teach us lessons of love and reconciliation.


Thank you Spirit of Freedom for the ways in which you name our addictions and illusions.

That in the same breath, you desire to grant us courage to confess and continue changing.

That you replace our excesses and “-isms” with a loving peacefulness that transcends pocketbooks, prejudices, and possessions.


Spirit of Comfort and Consolation, you encompass our shattered pieces, wounded and lost.

That your Embrace intervenes and intercedes in our journeys, to guide steps and choose paths that summon life.

That your Presence indwells a multitude of troubled shadows and hopeless valleys.


Spirit of the Dance, we are grateful when you recreate us with a new dawn:

When you restore light in our darkness and birthing in our dying.

When you open locked basements and prisons.

When you tear down walls and barriers.

When you replace old wineskins remove smelly grave clothes.

When your passionate and purifying fire reform our vision.

When you water parched gardens and fragile earth

and insist we do likewise.


Invite us again to that Dance of Healing, that Dance of Living Again!

And teach us once more to celebrate with confidence and without shame, that you are our Mother!