Picking up and Letting Go......

Posted by: Alex on Feb 23, 2015

Picking up and Letting Go

As I visit with my friends and mention Lent, of course the first question is “What will you give up?”  Well, how about we pick something up and consider letting other things go (besides pickled herring)?  How about committing with a friend(s) to an almost daily gentle reading of the Gospel of John?  I would be glad to discuss with you individually or in a small group your insights and applications.  Having said that, then how about this kind of a “letting go” fast?  Thanks to Rev. Bill Vorhis for this “anonymous” material:

—To fast from unrealistic expectations of others, and ourselves—and to embrace reality.

—to fast from words and behaviors that pierce one’s spirit—and instead affirm someone each day.

—To fast from windy, empty words regarding others and issues—and to act on what we say.

—To fast from raining on the parade of another’s enthusiasm, dreams, visions—and instead nurture and cultivate dreams.

—To fast from a lifestyle that doesn’t allow us to stop and enjoy the moments—and to do some small things for one’s self each day in gratitude to the One who created us.

—To fast from holding on to old ways, systems—and to discern what it is we need to say good-by to.

—To fast from bitterness and resentment—and to give thanks for each person who has touched our lives.

—And finally, let us fast from impatience—and to wait with compassion and understanding.

So rather than giving up pickled herring or the wearing of expensive diamonds, why not consider the alternaitves??

Pr. Alex